Aitutaki and Californian Oil

We finally arrived here in Aitutaki, with our small airplane landing adjacent to the classic landing point of TEAL’s Coral Route (albeit on a terrestrial plane and landing on a tarmac rather than the surface of the lagoon).


TEAL’s classic seaplane lands in Aitutaki Lagoon in the 1950’s. Image: TEAL Archives via Escape Magazine

We proceeded onto our hotel


Reef Motel south of town on Aitutaki.

…where we got wind of the newest oil spill in Santa Barbara.  This time proximate to Goleta Beach.  As of this writing the slick has grown to 2 miles in width and appears to be associated with Platform Holly.

Sean's not happy about the oil spill 07-29-15

Sean is NOT happy after he heard about the oil spill back home in California.