Went to church yesterday. It was really cool to see all the locals get into it. To me it seemed to to be and older crowd, 60’s and a few people that were younger like in 30’s with a few kids in side. The church that we went to was catholic. There was a lot of sitting and standing. The service in general seemed like any other service that I have been to. However the singing is what made the whole thing amazing. It was mostly relatively loud and soulful. These people truly believe in what they are singing. The priest gave us a very brief history about the church for the visitors. The two things that really stuck in my mind was that the church was the first church to be made in all The Cook Islands and that it took 10 years to complete it. Seeing the inside and outside I can totally believe it.

The inside was so beautiful. The inside was mostly white and a few with few colored tiles that were around the lights and the windows were mostly stain glass. They weren’t exceptional stain glass windows. They had the four main colors melded together to make it. However just the simple fact that they had it there in the 1800s was an extraordinary feet. The place where priest stood was also spectacular. There was just so much to look at during the service. It is hard to describe. I would have loved to see another service someday.

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