Another day

Another adventures day here in the Cooks. Same old breakfast in the morning. The new routine of getting my snorkel gear ready for the day. Getting waterproof paper, our slates and transect tapes ready for a day of use. Today the Lagoon team went to Sunny Beach Lodge which is very close to the Pacific Resort which is a very fancy hotel here. We also surveyed the beach right outside the Pacific Resort. We didn’t really see anything that was special the same old sea cucumbers with some “volcanos” just mounds of sand that have a little hole in them. Dr. A wants us to try and dig up a few so we have but haven’t found anything inside. Then we went down for a bit to another beach where there was A LOT of coral which made laying out the transect tape a little hard but that was fine. This beach was right outside Puffy’s Beach Bar and Takeaway. There Julie and I saw a few sea urchins. The other pair saw a few really big sea stars and a really big clam evidently. So that was just about it for the day. Now we are just hanging around for dinner. Until next time blog world.

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