Ciguatera Interviews

Shannon and I have been going around this beautiful island interviewing locals. We’ve talked to some fisherman and hospital personal along with many others, everyone is very kind! It is interesting to hear about stories and theories of possible causes.

It seems to be a random fish poisoning that makes people here on Aitutaki sick.  We heard from a person at the hospital that many fisherman have symptoms, seemingly because they try the fish before giving it to family members. Trevally seem to be the most infected reef fish but most people are very careful and have ways to determine if a caught fish is poisoned or not. Although people are careful, many and most fish are healthy and good eats!! 

One thought on “Ciguatera Interviews

  1. Magdalena Domingo says:

    “Personnel” not “personal”. Maybe use other descriptors rather than “people” and add in more specifics about the ways the locals test the fish for ciguatera.

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