Concept proved … again!

Another night dive and another success for capturing fluorescence from the ROV! The payload developed for this had stopped working, which we’re currently troubleshooting. As such the dive flashlight was attached to the payload bar and after Paul and Chris had helped to achieve the desired weight distribution and buoyancy, we deployed the ROV in the same place as last time (North Aitutaki). We made three transects with the first starting directly ahead of us (North) where we found there to be a considerable current which the ROV was getting caught in, though we did see small amounts of fluorescence. A second transect started West and was flown out to 40m, where we saw flecks of fluorescence. A third transect started West and was flown out to 50m from the beach, which moved with the current East, zig zagging across the coral. This transect proved to be the best distance as we captured extensive areas of green fluorescence! Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 1.34.57 AM

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