I’m so excited!

What am I not looking forward to?! This is the trip of a lifetime. I want do something involving Marine Biology after school so getting to go to the beautiful islands will be amazing! I’m looking forward most to snorkeling and seeing the marine life there in the lagoon and reefs. I’m super curious about the cultural aspect because I don’t know much about the culture of the Cook Islands. I have traveled outside of the US including a diving trip to St. Lucia in the Caribbean, but this will be such a different experience that I cannot wait for.

I just finished my first year here at CI and just a couple of months ago I chose to double major in ESRM and Biology. I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity to get to go to the Cook Islands. I know a handful of the people going and I’m also going with my best friend so it will definitely be an amazing experience. I can’t wait to come home with a million pictures and lots of memories.


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