Landing on Rarotonga

As we landed on Rarotonga the sunlight was peaking over the mountain and we were greeted by a drum band and dancer. Instant smiles and dancing ensued in the group.  ‘Kia Orana’  ‘Welcome’ in Maori is what you hear from everyone here.  Once were thru customs we headed to our hostel. 

In order to wake up and be ready for the day we were able to snorkel for a bit and found an abundance of Sea Cucumbers and beautiful tropical fish along the reefs. The beaches here are a mix of crushed coral, volcanic rock and sand.     

After a quick snorkel to get acquainted with the reef fish and local settings we headed into town to acquire wifi access and some lunch! 

This week is the 50th celebration of the Cook Islands so it’s very busy here on Raratonga.

We were able to go to the artisan fair where locals can showcase their tradecraft.  Black pearls are the mainstay here.  We ended the day learning about previous research from Gerald McCormick.


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