Life in the tropics

This morning we ventured from Rarotonga to Aitutaki, arguably the most beautiful island to ever exist in the South Pacific. As we approached the island in the very small (I mean VERY small) plane, the various colors of the lagoon became very apparent. As you passed over, the patch reefs and sandy bottom beaches became so much easier to distinguish. What we had seen in our meetings and pictures on the internet were nothing in comparison to the beauty that we were seeing before our eyes. We had officially arrived in paradise.  
After we unpacked and ate a DELICIOUS lunch (It was devoured by all), we took to the streets and headed down to the beach on the edge of the island. Here, we spent time fiddling around in the lagoon and attempted to locate as many invertebrates and sea cucumbers as humanely possible. Among these, the beach was covered in dried coral pieces, which we naturally tried to recognize and name (and take pictures with).

After a nice snorkel among the vast sea cucumbers within the lagoon, we enjoyed some true coconut juice as the sun set on the horizon. While it was a little sour, it is better than anything you can ever buy in a bottle. 

Overall, I’d have to say it wasn’t a bad day in the slightest. 

Welcome to pradise, y’all. 


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