Why I am Excited for this Trip

The main reason I am excited to be part of this trip is that we get to study a beautiful part of the world that has had very little previous research conducted in it.  The methodology we are using to study the area, unmanned systems, is particularly thrilling to me as well.  Not only that, but we will be working in collaboration with the Plymouth Marine Lab to see if it is possible to attach a florescent light payload to the OpenROV platform to look for bio-floresent proteins in the coral.

Besides the research aspect, I am also very excited for the cultural difference.  I haven’t had the chance to travel out of the country that much.  If I did it was just to Mexico which, in a lot of respects when you live in Southern California, isn’t all that different except for the warmer ocean water.  This will be my first real trip to actually see the world and because of that I can not wait to leave!!!


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