Lagoon day 1

This was our first day of doing our own lagoon survey and it went ok. Our first site had A LOT of sea cucumbers. At the 10 m and 25 m transects there were easily a 1000 sea cucumbers. At the farther ends (100 and 200) there were a good amount of tube worms but very few sea cucumbers. It went very very slowly mostly because it was our first time and there were so many sea cucumbers to count. Then we had lunch. Went to another beach/atollĀ called honeymoon island where there was just about nothing where we surveyed. There were a fair amount of sea cucumbers where around boat was parked. Which was about a 5 minute walk from our survey sites. The current was also very very strong at honeymoon island. On the beach itself I say about 10 small white crabs scurrying around. That was just about it for our first day of surveying the lagoons.

I currently hope that the surveys will get easier to do as the trip continues. This time there was just a lot of sea cucumbers to count.

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